Slow, inconsisnent or patchy Wi-Fi is the bane of many an existence right now – whether you're trying to work from home or jsut attempting to enjoy some leisure time while streaming or gaming online.

If you can't rely on your home network, you can't get much done, basically, which is why so many people are turning to mesh Wi-Fi systems, setting up more resilient and stronger signals for their home networks.

What may have seemed intimidatingly techy a few years ago is now dead easy, with loads of brands rocking up with great mesh systems that you can set up in minutes. One of the best, for a long time, has been eero – so good, in fact, that Amazon bought the company and brought it in-house.


Its extenders replace your router entirely, and let you expand your home network in a modular way, adding more as you need them. It's perfect for a variety of homes, whether sprawling ones that need massive networks, or small ones that have obstinate dead zones using less dedicated hardware.

Amazon, in fact, is discounting eero by a chunky 25% as part of its summer sale – with that discount applying both to the single versino of the system and the three-pack.

That's a superb saving on one of our very favourite mesh systems, one that will make a noticeable difference for anyone who's used to flaky Wi-Fi at home. You can pick up a three-pack here, or opt for the single extender here. The deal runs until July 20th at 9:00AM BST, so you've got a couple of weeks to think about it.

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