Amazon has announced Halo Rise – a sleep tracking device that sits on your bedside table and tracks the sleep stages of the person closest to it without them having to physically wear anything.

Halo Rise is designed to track sleep with no cameras or microphones, by instead using a suite of sensors and monitoring your respiration rate – similar to the second generation Nest Hub.

Amazon said the Halo Rise algorithms will be able to detect if a person is with you in bed, or a pet and only include your sleep data in its summary. There are also built-in environmental sensors that measure the room temperature and light.

Along with offering a summary of your sleep stages, Halo Rise has a smart alarm to wake you up in your lightest stage of sleep. There's an optional wake up light too, which simulates sunrise.

As you might expect, the Halo Rise works with Alexa so you can connect it to an Alexa-compatible device, like the Echo or Echo Dot, to wake up to your favourite song. You can also ask Alexa to show you your sleep summary.

Additionally, Halo Rise will adapt to personlised sleep routines, such as dimming lights, turning off the TV and starting meditation.
You can turn off the sleep sensors at any time, but keep them on and Halo Rise will give you a breakdown of your sleep stages, including deep, REM and light, as well as offer insights as to why you might not be sleeping well.

The Halo Rise will be available later this year for $139.99. It will come with six months of Halo membership.

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