Amazon has launched its Trade-In programme in the UK. You can now get Amazon gift vouchers and money off new Amazon devices by swapping in your old ones.

By swapping in an old Kindle, Fire tablet, Fire TV or Echo device, you can get 25 per cent off the price of a new model in the same category. In addition, you will receive an Amazon Gift Card, with the value depending on the type and state of the device you are trading in.

For example, if you want to swap in a 2nd generation Amazon Echo Dot and it is in perfect working condition, you will get a £5 gift card and 25 per cent off any current Echo smart speaker.

Postage to send your old device to Amazon is free – you just need to print off and attach a label.

Just head to the dedicated Amazon Trade-In programme page here to find out more and choose the item you are sending back.

Customers can also use the Amazon App to trade in products.

The eligible tade in products include all Kindles from the 3rd generation Kindle Keyboard and up, Fire tablets from the 2nd gen Kindle Fire HD 7 and up, streaming devices from the first gen Fire TV, and Echo speakers from the original, first gen Echo.

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