Amazon has a hardware event set for 26 September, roughly one year after it held a similar hardware event to announce several new devices, ranging from an Alexa-enabled microwave to a wall clock.

This year, we're expecting even more Alexa devices to be announced.

CNBC has claimed Amazon is working on wireless earbuds with fitness-tracking features. They will cost less than $100 and will be marketed toward athletes and the health-conscious, as they'll be able to measure running distance, burned calories, pace, etc. CNBC suggested the earbuds will need an iPhone or Android phone for Alexa features to work, as they won’t offer cellular connectivity.

Amazon is also reportedly developing a "bulkier Echo device that comes with a woofer and better speakers than the original version". Amazon supposedly wants to upgrade its existing Echo with new speaker innards, including a built-in woofer, with the purpose of better competing with speakers from the likes of Sonos and Apple. There's no word yet on how much this speaker will cost.

Last year, Amazon launched the latest Echo Plus and Echo Dot and added the Echo Sub and Echo Input. It also rolled out a load of other Alexa gadgets such as the Echo Clock and Alexa microwave. Pocket-lint is attending Amazon’s hardware event on Wednesday, so be sure to check us out for all the latest.

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