Echo Input adds Alexa to any powered speaker or hi-fi system and it's now available at an absolute steal for Black Friday 2019 – a mere £15.

The Echo Input is like the Echo Dot but without any type of speaker inside. Instead, it requires an external speaker, connecting via a 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth.


So you could connect it up to a Bluetooth speaker, a soundbar, an AV receiver or hi-fi amplifier – and, of course, you can then stream music from Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music all you want.

And then there's Alexa support thanks to far-field microphones. So when it's connected to a speaker it works just like any other Echo device. Its only disadvantage is that the connected speaker must be powered on; if it's not, you can't hear what Alexa is saying to you.

This Black Friday you can get the Echo Dot for just £7 more, so if you want the option of a speaker, that's the choice for you. The Echo Dot is now a third-generation device and the speaker has been improved to the extent that it's now a decent smart speaker in its own right.

That's why Amazon introduced the Echo Input, to keep the option of a cheaper Echo without a speaker.


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