Smart assistants are great – being able to control your smart home with just your voice is undeniably fantastic. Sometimes though, setting up new devices and ensuring everything is connected can be a hassle.

There's good news though as , life with your favourite smart assistant and an ever-growing house full of smart home products is getting easier.

Amazon is seemingly making it simpler to connect compatible smart home devices to Alexa with just a few taps.

Starting in the US, Device Discovery is being streamlined to make the process of connecting your various smart home devices to Amazon Alexa a lot easier. When Device Discovery is turned on with the Alexa app, users can then go to the more section to find new devices.

With other smart home devices already on your home Wi-Fi network, the app can then quickly connect so you can then link them together and control them easily with Alexa. Don't fret though, you don't need to connect to everything you find.

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