Amazon has announced that it's going to be bringing the Fire TV experience to the Echo Show 15, the largest of its Echo Show devices.

Amazon says that 70 per cent of Echo Show 15 customers use the device for watching video content, so it makes sense to enhance the experience of watching TV.

That will mean you can open the familiar Fire TV interface and browse your content, without it being a different look and feel to your other devices.

That's going to make the video watching experience much better, allowing you to open a range of different services so you can keep watching whatever you've been enjoying elsewhere.

You'll be able to swipe your way through those Amazon Video shows you love like Jack Ryan or Rings of Power, to watch them on the smaller screen.

The Echo Show 15 was launched in 2021, designed to be wall-mounted and giving customers an expanded display over the previous Echo Show 10.

The big screen experience also supports things like sticky notes so you can leave reminders for your family, while one of the more advanced features is the ability to recognise the user standing in front of it and log into their Amazon account to tailor content to them.

Amazon hasn't detailed too much about the Fire TV experience on the Echo Show 15, but it will be arriving as a free update in November.

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