Amazon is introducing Amazon Showroom to the UK, enabling you to see homewares in a virtual living room using AR. The idea, of course, is that you can check out how stuff works together before you buy. The service compliments the Ikea Place-style AR View, enabling you to see furniture in your own home with your smartphone.

It'll also work alongside Amazon Discover, which will give you recommendations for furniture. You can fine-tune what Amazon recommends for you by liking or disliking products.

As well as chairs, tables and the like, you'll also be able to add selected wall art and soft furnishings like rugs to your Showroom.

You can personalise the wall and floor covering in your Showroom, too. Naturally, you can add everything in your Showroom to your shopping cart in one go and buy the lot or just opt for individual items instead, it's up to you.

By clicking on an item you have three options: displaying the product details, replacing the product or go to a list of all items in your room.

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