Amazon has finally put its $30/£30 Echo Wall Clock on sale.

We say 'finally' because Amazon first mentioned the Wall Clock as part of its big Echo event we attended last September in Seattle. But precious little happened after that – indeed, we actually thought that Amazon had just decided not to bother releasing it.

It's certainly true that the Wall Clock is a bit of an outlier Echo device because it doesn't have Alexa itself – it relies on you having another Alexa device.


Aside from telling you the time (obviously), the clock is able to do something things you might find useful. There are 60 LEDs around the edge of the clock so you can set and track multiple timers and alarms simultaneously.

Yes – you can visually display timers on your wall, so perhaps you can have a countdown to when you should leave for work or maybe a countdown to the kids' bedtime – it's completely up to you.

Setting up the clock is really very simple: Once you’ve popped in the clock's batteries, sync it to your compatible Echo device by saying "Alexa, set up my Echo Wall Clock”.

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