Amazon is making its Echo speakers sound even better, by matching them with a new Echo Sub. The Amazon Echo Sub is designed to deliver down-firing, 100W deep bass sound through a woofer.

It's designed to pair with an Echo or Echo Plus, which are sold separately, in order to get more "dynamic music that fills the room". With the Amazon Alexa app, you can easily pair the Echo Sub with compatible Echo devices to achieve a 2.1 stereo sound experience.

Amazon claims that it's simple to set up and use: just plug it in, open the Alexa app, wirelessly connect it to your Echo devices, and start controlling your music by voice.

The Echo Sub carries a 6-inch down-firing woofer with 100W of bass, likely in order to address one of the criticisms of the Echo speakers: that the sound quality was a little thin compared to some rivals.

And stereo pairing for Echo speakers is important because, previously, you've only been able to group Echo speakers, not link a pair of them together.

Amazon's new Echo Sub costs $129.99 in the US, £119.99 in the UK. It is available for pre-order from today and will ship next month.

Alongside the Echo Sub, Amazon also announced the $299.99 Echo Link Amp and $199.99 Echo Link.

These are stereo amplifiers with audio ins and outs. The Link connects to a receiver or amplifier. The Link Amp, which has a built-in 60 watt dual-channel amplifier, links to your Echo, so it can play music on your stereo. Amazon said they will be available early next year and support Ethernet and coaxial cables. They do not come with built-in Alexa voice capabilities.

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