Amazon has launched a new 10-inch Echo Show to replace the existing two-year old device.

The third-generation device features a motor so it can pan and zoom around the room while you're on a video call – which is a little like the function in Facebook's Portal to keep the camera on you. It'll also keep the screen pointed towards you – useful if you're cooking or moving around a room like a kitchen.

You can also use it as a remote camera to check in on your home which works with Alexa Guard.


Amazon is also offering support for Netflix and video calling services like Zoom and Amazon's own Chime with the device (it had already confirmed Zoom for Show), adding to the Skype support in past Echo devices. However, there's still no YouTube.

It also adds privacy features such as the physical camera shutter button from the Echo Show 5 and Show 8. The device also supports Zigbee and has an Amazon Sidewalk hub, too.

Amazon also announced some new Alexa capabilities alongside the device.

Later this year, Alexa will be able to delete all the previously saved voice recordings associated with your account, you can simply ask, “Alexa, delete everything I’ve said.”

You'll also be able to ask “Alexa, how do I review my privacy settings?” – Alexa will send you a direct link in the Alexa app to your Alexa Privacy Settings.

You can now also choose whether or not to save your voice recordings. If you choose not to save your voice recordings, they will be automatically deleted after Alexa processes your request. All previously saved recordings will also be deleted.

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