Amazon is hosting some great deals on its own devices in the build up to Prime Day, which starts on 15 July, bringing with it a range of discounts in both the US and the UK.

The star of the Echo family is often the Dot. This plucky little smart speaker had a radical redesign to bring it into its third generation, making it much more accomplished as a standalone speaker. It's also had a healthy discount, down to $24.99 or £24.99 – which is 50 per cent saving over the regular price.


The Amazon Echo family of devices has rapidly evolved into the centre of the smart home, not only letting you ask questions of the Alexa personal assistant that lurks within, but play music, quiz your calendar, turn on your lights, check the fuel in your BMW and a whole lot more.

The Echo Dot is a great way to add Alexa's skills to an existing hi-fi setup, or to use in other rooms around the house if you already have a larger Amazon Echo speaker solution, so you can bark commands from your bed and get Alexa to respond.

Adding an Echo Dot to your home is an easy way to get started with Alexa, or to use for voice control to control connected devices such as lights or plugs. We're sure that this deal will be running for the nest few weeks, but this is the lowest price it has been since Black Friday last year.

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