Amazon's Black Friday deals are throwing up a range of discounts and if you've been waiting for an Alexa-compatible smart plug, then now's the time to buy.

The TP-Link HS100 smart plug is Alexa and Google-compatible, meaning you can control it by voice via your Echo or Google Home. Normally it will cost you £29, but it's now down to just £15.99 on Amazon. If you want even more plugs, there's a better deal for £36.99 for three on Argos – saving you £53!

The TP-Link HS100 smart plug works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it an easy addition to those smart homes. You'll be able to use it to control specific devices – such as a side light – which aren't smart themselves.

That might be via direct voice control through your Amazon Echo or Google Home, or part of an automated schedule or group you've setup via one of those platforms.

The TP-Link plug doesn't need a hub to connect it, you just set it up using the smartphone app on the Kasa platform. You Echo or Google Home will be able to find it and then you can pass over control – it's really easy. You can use it for things like turning on or off a fan, controlling your Christmas lights or perhaps switching on your coffee maker in the morning.

Smart plugs are always useful if you're building a smart home, and great for gifting.

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