Amazon has launched Alexa Skill Blueprints in the UK, enabling you to create and customise your own Alexa skills.

No coding is required – you can simply go to and begin to build your own skills from 20 blueprints currently available. These templates enable you to create simple skills in a few minutes. They all have pre-filled content or you can type your own.

You can do things like create your own Q&A, tell a fairy tale or make a house guest skill that will help visitors to your home (say you want to them to be able to ask for the Wi-Fi code).

  • How to create custom Amazon Alexa skills without any coding knowledge

You’re also able to help learn for tests (or help kids to learn) with flash cards, build a chore chart or create simple games.

As you’re creating the skill, you’re able to provide a couple of possible options for the different ways people might ask a particular question. We're interested to see how this works with slightly different responses than you specify within the skill.

Once you've created a skill, it's available on all the Alexa devices connected to your Amazon account. Alexa Skill Blueprints has been available since April in the US.

You can see how to create a simple family trivia game using the video below:

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