Google has taken to twitter to unveil a slew of new smart home products, including a new Nest Doorbell and Nest Wifi Pro.

But, the smart home experience is nothing without a solid app, and Google has that covered, too.

The brand is launching a new Google Home app experience and it will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks.

The new app will add additional starters and actions to help you take better control of home automation.

It'll also bring live camera streams direct to the app's homepage, allowing you to keep an eye on things while you're about and about.

A new layout splits the app into five tabs: Favourites, Devices, Automations, Activity and Settings.

The current Google Home app only has two tabs, so this update should help massively with navigation.

Routines can now be shared with your household, which means that any member added to your Google Home can edit, run, activate and deactivate routines from the app.

Compatible devices can now trigger automation, too. For example, you can set a Routine that runs when the doorbell is pressed, activating the hallway light.

Finally, the Google Home app is coming to web browsers and WearOS devices, allowing you to access your smart home settings from a variety of new platforms.

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