Roborock is one of the leading manufacturers of robot vacuums, and its products are highly sought-after for their quality and performance. This Cyber Monday, shoppers can find some great deals on Roborock robot vacuums, including the Roborock E5MOP, Roborock E5, Roborock S7, Roborock Q7Max, and Roborock S7+. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best Cyber Monday deals on Roborock robot vacuums.

#1. Roborock S7 (37% OFF)

  • Sales Price: $649.99
  • Deal Price: $409.99
  • Discount: $240
  • Date: 11/24-12/4
  • Deal Link

If you're looking for a powerful robot vacuum with serious mopping chops, look no further than the Roborock S7. This bad boy comes equipped with sonic mopping technology, which means it can scrub your floors 3,000 times per minute, using sonic vibrations to dislodge dirt stains and grime. So, whether you've got tough stains or want to clean your floors, the S7 has you covered. The S7 also has a 300 ml electronic water tank, so you can fill it up and let it loose on your floors without worrying about constantly refilling it.

The S7 is also smart enough to know when it's vacuuming a carpet and will automatically raise the mop so your carpets don't get soaked. In addition, the S7 comes with a multi-directional floating brush, which means it can easily clean those hard-to-reach places. And if that wasn't enough, it also has a 2500PA HyperForce suction, which is one of the strongest suctions you'll find in a robot vacuum. Plus, the mop has 600g of pressure, so it can really get in there and scrub those floors clean.

The Roborock S7 is a high-tech gadget that will make cleaning your home a breeze. This top-of-the-line robotic vacuum cleaner is normally priced at $649.99, but for Cyber Monday, you can get it for 37% off at just $409.99.

#2. Roborock S7+ (28% OFF)

  • Sales Price: $949.98
  • Deal Price: $679.99
  • Discount: $270 (28% OFF)
  • Date: 11/24-12/4
  • Deal Link

The Roborock S7+ is a robotic vacuum and mop combo with various features to make cleaning your home a breeze. One of its most notable features is its sonic mopping with ultrasonic carpet detection. Sonic mopping involves using vibrating pads to create waves of water that help to loosen and lift dirt and debris from surfaces. The Roborock S7+'s sonic mopping pads are made of a durable microfiber material that effectively cleans hard floors and carpets.

The Roborock S7+'s ultrasonic carpet detection system is designed to help keep your carpets clean by identifying areas of high traffic and where dirt and debris are likely to build up. The ultrasonic sensors send out high-frequency waves that bounce off surfaces and objects. These waves are then analyzed by the Roborock S7+'s onboard processor to create a map of your home. The Roborock S7+ will use this map to navigate your home and clean your carpets more effectively.

This Cyber Monday, you can get a Roborock S7+ for 28% off the original price. That means you'll only have to pay $679.99 for this top-of-the-line robot vacuum instead of the usual $949.98. This is a great opportunity to save big on a high-quality product.

#3. Roborock E5MOP (44% OFF)

  • Sales Price: $359.99
  • Deal Price: $199.99
  • Discount: $160
  • Date: 11/24-12/4
  • Deal Link

The Roborock E5MOP is a top-of-the-line robot vacuum with some amazing features. One of its best features is the OpticEye, which allows the vacuum to see in low-light conditions and avoid obstacles. The dual gyroscopes keep the vacuum level stable on uneven surfaces, so it can clean every square inch of your floors without toppling or losing stability. Another great feature of the E5MOP is that it can vacuum and mop simultaneously. This is a great time-saver because the device doesn’t have to repeatedly go over the same spot.

The E5MOP can cover a whopping 1600 square feet in one go, making it ideal for large homes. Finally, the E5MOP has an incredible suction power of 2500PA, so it can pick up even the most stubborn dirt and dust particles. It has a long battery life, delivering up to 200 minutes of runtime in one charge, enough to clean a large home of 2152 square feet non-stop. If you’re looking for a powerful robot vacuum-cum-mop, you can’t do better.

The Roborock E5MOP is normally priced at $359.99, but this Cyber Monday, you can get it for 44% off at just $199.99. That's a saving of $160!

#4. Roborock E5 (38% OFF)

  • Sales Price: $289.99
  • Deal Price: $179.99
  • Discount: $110
  • Date: 11/24-12/4
  • Deal Link

The Roborock E5 is equipped with OpticEye and dual gyroscopes, so it knows exactly where it has been and what is left to clean. No more missed spots or wasted time! The vacuum takes a z-shape cleaning path, so it can cover a large area quickly and efficiently. The Roborock E5 has 2500PA HyperForce suction, so it can easily lift dust and hair from floors, ensuring that your floors are clean and free of any dirt and debris. The E5 also has a long battery life of up to 200 minutes, so you can vacuum your entire home without the battery running out.

This Cyber Monday, Roborock is offering an unbeatable 38% discount on its E5 robot vacuum. This top-rated vacuum regularly sells for $289.99, but you can now snag it for just $179.99. That's a savings of $110!

#5. Roborock Q7Max (33% OFF)

  • Sales Price: $599.99
  • Deal Price: $399.99
  • Discount: $200 (33% OFF)
  • Date: 11/20-12/4
  • Deal Link

Roborock Q7Max is a robotic vacuum cleaner that uses PreciSense LiDAR Navigation to clean your floors. PreciSense LiDAR Navigation is a technology that helps the Q7Max map out your home and navigate around your furniture and other obstacles, so your vacuum will clean your floors more thoroughly and in less time. PreciSense LiDAR Navigation uses a laser to scan your rooms and create a 3D map of your home, which it uses to avoid bumping into things. It can also modify the cleaning requirements according to the room, no-go zones, and flooring.

This Cyber Monday, Roborock is offering a 33% discount on the Roborock Q7Max. The original price is $599.99, but with the discount, it is only $399.99. You save $200 on this robot vacuum by taking advantage of this Cyber Monday deal!

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