Protecting you home is a serious business, but thanks to huge advances in smart home technology, it's easier than it's ever been, in many ways.

The sorts of easy and affordable surveillance that used to be available more to businesses is now easily purchased for your own home.

Whether you're looking for an indoor camera, an outdoor camera, one that's weatherproof or a video doorbell, there are countless options out there to suit your every need.

Some of the very best in each category, though, are made by EZVIZ, and marry great value and affordability with premium features. If you're thinking of getting some smart home cameras, we've gathered some of EZVIZ's best models right here to give you somewhere to start.

EZVIZ Indoor Security Camera

A great place to start if you're thinking of getting smart home cameras are indoor ones – they can be useful for a whole range of purposes. If you've got kids they're great for checking up on what they're doing, or if you're just particularly concerned about a living room full of valuable technology you can point it that way to make sure everything's accounted for.

EZVIZ's Indoor Security Camera has a great 1080P lens that gives you crisp, clear footage, and with motion detection and two-way audio, it can be a really useful intercom in your home. In fact, loads of people also use it as a high-tech baby monitor, as a marker of how reliable it is.

EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera

If you need a hardy camera that'll be situated outdoors, though, the Outdoor Security Camera is perfect, with its own amazing 1080p recording and night-vision modes to make sure that you can pick up everything in sight regardless of the conditions. That's further augmented by IP67 waterproofing to make sure that the weather will never be an issue.

This version of the camera is so sophisticated that its night vision footage is actually in colour, too – making sure that potentially key details are picked up.

EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera Dual Lens

If you want even more high-fidelity footage from your outdoor camera, though, this Dual Lens version is extremely sophisticated. The two lenses both record simultaneously, one capturing the ambient brightness levels and the other gathering colour information, to make for final footage that's incredible rich and detailed.

It's got full motion detection and you can also really easily give it zones to either ignore or pay full attention to, making it a really powerful and adaptable tool as you build up your home security network.

EZVIZ WiFi Video Doorbell

One of the most popular types of smart home camera, though, is the more simple video doorbell, a huge step forward in how we answer the door. EZVIZ's version is one of the very best on the market, and comes with the three faceplates shown above to make sure that it can fit in with your outdoor colour scheme nicely.

It's got a 180-degree FOV that means you see everything you need to out the front of your home, making it really easy to see where packages have been left or people are waiting, and two-way audio makes it easy to communicate. Plus, motion detection and night vision mean you'll never be caught off-guard by a guest arriving late.

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