Blue: the color of ocean waves, the bright sky, sapphires and now … our latest Google Home Mini. Well, we’re actually calling it Aqua, and this new color is the first one we’ve added since we launched Google Home Mini last year.


It’s made from the same fabric as the Mini’s original colors—chalk, charcoal and coral—with the same aesthetic goal, to easily blend into your home. Aqua Mini does all the great things you expect from your Google Assistant and Google Home, like:

  • Speaking two languages interchangeably.
  • Playing music from YouTube Music, Pandora, and Spotify.
  • Sharing a message with everyone in the house with Broadcast.
  • Helping you locate your phone simply with a quick “Ok Google, find my phone.” Android phones will ring even when on silent.

And of course, you can ask it some fun questions to get to know the Google Assistant. Here are a few of our favorites, just start with “Hey Google,”

  • Tell me a secret.
  • Tell me a joke.
  • Spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  • Tag you’re it.
  • What sound does a unicorn make?

Google Home Mini in Aqua will be available from the Google Store and Walmart online later this month.

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