On its own, a camera is just a pair of eyes. Even if those eyes are really good, security requires more than eyes. It needs brains. Lots of brains. The best security camera marries great hardware with sharp algorithms that can figure out what’s happening and deliver important information to you fast.

Today, it all comes together. Nest Cam Indoor has always had 24/7 streaming, Talk & Listen and activity alerts. Now it can go outside your home with Nest Cam Outdoor and we’re adding Sightline and person alerts. This combination of hardware and software features is revolutionary. With today’s software update, you now have what we think is the best security camera on the market – whether you have a Dropcam, Nest Cam Indoor or just picked up a Nest Cam Outdoor today.

Sightline is a new app feature that shows you what Nest Cam has seen and lets you speed through days of recorded video in seconds. It pulls out key moments automatically so you don’t waste time digging through footage. Looking for the moment someone opened the gate two days ago? No problem.

Person alerts are also changing the game. If you have Nest Aware, Nest Cam can now tell if the activity it’s seeing is a tree swaying or someone coming in your house. So if it sees a person, you get a special alert. Nest Cam can even tell you if it’s sure it’s a person, or just suspects it is.

Open the updated Nest app and here’s what you’ll see:


Free 3-hour history for all. For the first time ever, Nest Cam owners without Nest Aware will get to glimpse into the past, with Sightline’s free three-hour snapshot history. So even if you miss an alert, you still get a snapshot of what happened. Sightline’s algorithms look at all motion and sound, and group activity into events. Then show you how long they lasted and a key image of the action.

Sightline with a Nest Aware subscription gives you more.

Time travel at your fingertips. Sightline puts all your video history into a single timelapse you can stop and start at will. Just swipe your finger and you’ll see the video rewind. When you see something interesting, release and it will start playing. No tedious digging and guessing to find the moments you care about.

Snapshots of key moments. Sightline highlights all the key moments with photos, so you can see right away if the event’s worth reviewing. And you don’t just get a random thumbnail. It automatically finds the frame that best shows what happened – when the window broke or the mailman dropped off your package – and zooms in on the action.

What, when and in which Activity Zone. Maybe you don’t care about the hallway but you want to know every time the back door opened. Sightline marks not just when activity started and ended but also in which of your Activity Zones the event took place. So you can easily spot the events you’re looking for.

All the magic you don’t see. Your Nest Cam captures up to 2.6 million high-definition frames a day, which is a lot to scan through. Sightline’s innovative algorithms narrow that down to the most relevant frames, so you can quickly and seamlessly see the story of each day, without missing a beat.

Starting today, Sightline is available to all Nest Cam and Dropcam owners with the updated Nest app. Let us know what you think.

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