Today we’re introducing something new for the Nest Learning Thermostat called Eco Temperatures. It will take the place of Away temperatures and give you another option to help save energy, even when you’re home.

Your Nest Thermostat will still turn itself down after you leave. But now, it will say “Eco” instead of “Auto-Away” on the display.

Nest Thermostat owners love Auto-Away because it helps save energy when everyone’s out. In fact, some people love it so much that they’ve been manually setting their thermostats to Away when they’re home, too. And that can confuse even the most thoughtful of homes.

Setting your thermostat to Away while you’re home means other Nest or Works with Nest products also switch to Away mode. So your Nest Cam could turn on or your lights could turn off, even though you’re home. Because Eco Temperatures are separate from Away mode, you can use them without affecting the other products in your home. Just select Eco Temperatures on your thermostat or in the Nest app.

Nest will still set your home to Away automatically when you're gone, switch your thermostat to Eco Temperatures and enable your other Nest and Works with Nest products to do the right thing.

Your Nest Thermostat’s software will update automatically within two weeks. To set Eco Temperatures from your phone, update your Nest app.

And Works with Nest developers, you can build features that support Eco Temperatures starting today.

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