There’s a lot that goes into shopping. You browse different sites, read through reviews and look for the best price before making that final purchase. It’s easy to take each of these steps on Google, thanks to our AI-enhanced Shopping Graph. The Shopping Graph now understands more than 35 billion product listings and can quickly organize shopping information online — making it much easier and more intuitive to find what you're looking for.

Last month we announced several new features coming to Google, including more visual ways to shop on mobile. And now, in the U.S., we’re bringing you a more visual shopping experience on desktop.

An animation of the search “shop ceramic vase” on desktop shows a more visual shopping results page, including product listings, articles with featured imagery and stores near you. The animation also clicks into the product listing of a ceramic vase shaped like a strawberry, which then opens a sidebar on the right hand side showing different merchants the product is available from and product reviews.

Whether you’re looking for clothes, electronics, beauty products or home goods on desktop, you’ll see a more visual feed of shopping results that includes products, brands, articles and videos from across the web. New dynamic filters will also help you refine your search to find something specific. So if you’re shopping for a new coffee maker on desktop, you can search “shop coffee makers” and filter by type, brand, retailer, nearby or on sale to find the best option. Our results and filters are dynamic so they'll update to show you the freshest content.

A search bar shows searches for “shop plant stands,” “shop mid century modern chairs” and “shop coffee makers.” Each search shows a page of shopping results with visuals of product listings.

You can also read up on products without interrupting your search. Just click a product to instantly see more details about it — like offers from different merchants and reviews — all without leaving your Search results page. Once you’ve found something you want, just click to go to the retailer’s site.

Check out this new shopping experience on desktop today to quickly find what you need — or discover your next dream purchase.

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