Your home is your space. It’s also a place where you can express your style with color and personal touches. And we want our products to reflect your aesthetic while giving you the help you need. So we recently introduced three new colors to the Nest Learning Thermostat lineup (bringing the total to seven) to give you more options to fit your style.


These new finishes—black, brass and polished steel—are part of the new Artists Collection, inspired by the work of industrial artists who create beautiful pieces using various metals. Just like the original Nest Learning Thermostat that comes in copper, black, stainless steel or white, these new thermostats are designed to look beautiful in your home while also keeping you comfortable and helping you save energy.


  • Polished steelis a high-end, highly polished design for those who like to keep things timeless and classy.
  • Mirror black is striking and bold, with the deep lacquered black look of a grand piano.
  • Brass is warm and subtle – it can act as a pop of color for your home or blend in with other metal accents you may have.

They can program themselves to create a personalized schedule and turn down automatically to save energy when you’re away. You can control your thermostat from a phone, tablet, Google Home Hub or even an Android Watch or Apple Watch with the Nest or Google Home app. And, you can use your smart speaker or display to change the temperature with your voice—just say, “Hey Google, set the temperature to 68.”

These new Nest Learning Thermostats are available in the US (and the polished steel finish is also available in Canada) for $249.

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