Since 2012, Google Play has helped people around the world discover their favorite apps, games and digital content. And now, we're bringing YouTube creators to Google Play for our first-ever live show in the United States. The show starts at 9 a.m. Eastern time on October 12, and you can watch it live on Google Play or by visiting our official YouTube channel.

Here are three things to look forward to at the show.

1. Play alongside YouTube creators

Creators will introduce their favorite games and apps, and will play them live on stage — sometimes with anyone else who wants to join. Jaron Meyers & Tim Stone, Lizzy Capri, Mari Takahashi and Preacher Lawson will host the show. And their friends and surprise guests will also join the livestream to play alongside the audience and participate in fun challenges.

2. Choose your adventure

Audience participation is a huge part of the event — you’ll have a chance to influence what’s happening live on set through things like polls and a live chat. Here's a look at what you can expect.

Run of the show starting at 9 a.m. ET and ending at 5 p.m. ET. The first segment is led by Amira Virgil (Xmiramira), the second by Kelsey Impicciche (kelseydangerous), the third by Andre (BlackNerdComedy), and the fourth Lily Pichu (LilyPichu)

3. Nab last-chance deals on apps and games

We’ve partnered with developers of some of the top apps and games on Google Play like HBO Max, Candy Crush Saga and Genshin Impact, so you can get special deals in the apps and games the YouTube creators will be playing live. Visit Google Play to see all the deals on gold bars, special bundles, boosters and more. You’ll also get 3x Play Points when you buy in-app and in-game items through October 12[6474b6].

Tune in at 9 a.m. Eastern time on October 12 to watch the show live.

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