A robot vacuum can be a bit of a life-changing addition to your home, not just for how efficiently it can clean your floors and carpets, but also for the time that it returns to you each day as you don't have to do that cleaning yourself.

One of the very best on the market is the yeedi vac, a robot vacuum cleaner out of the very top bracket that has huge suction and some really impressive smart features. Right now, you can use code YEEDIVAC3 on Amazon to get a great $90 discount – but read on to find out more about why you should jump on this great deal.

Superb suction

The yeedi vac has a really impressive amount of suction to bring to your home – 3000Pa means it can pick up even chunky bits of dust and detritus to leave behind gleaming floors and clean carpets. This is probably the single most important part of any vacuum cleaner, and yeedi has made sure that its vacuum is as good as anything out there.

The yeedi vac also has both a main brush and side brushes to ensure that it traps dirt from multiple angles, making it reliable at leaving behind totally clean surfaces.

Automatic carpet detection

Another great feature that the vacuum brings is automatic carpet detection, which lets it know when it moves from a hard floor onto a carpet or rug, and automatically adapts the amount of suction being applied. This is because it takes more power to remove dirt from carpets than hard floors, something you don't have to worry about since the yeedi vac handles it for you.

True mapping

Something else you don't need to worry about is fiddling around with a complicated map of your home – yeedi's app makes it really easy to edit your map, and to set the vacuum to clean a specific room or multiple rooms. This app is also great for scheduling in your cleaning or setting the vacuum going whenever you need it to.

Impressive navigation

Once the vacuum is on its way to clean your home, you also don't need to run around clearing its path – unlike some less reliable alternatives on the market, the yeedi vac is amazing at seeing obstacles using its complex array of sensors, to get out the way.

While it does this, though, it'll still use the most efficient route possible to clean the area that it's been assigned, which means you'll get great results without having to worry about it bumping into things or getting stuck.

These are just some of the features that make the yeedi vac such a great investment, so be sure to take advantage of this limited-time deal by using the code YEEDIVAC3 to get $90 off its price on Amazon, bringing it down to just $209.99. You have until 23 January at 11:59PM PST to use the code, so don't hang around for too long!

Get the whole range

You can get the whole range of yeedi vac products from Amazon and Walmart – check out the links below to buy them:

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