Arlo has announced the Arlo Security System, the final piece of the puzzle to move the company from cameras to complete home security.

The new system sees the introduction of a sensor that can be added wirelessly to windows or doors, as well as covering a range of enhanced functions.

The sensor will also detect motion, water leaks, light or temperature changes, smoke or CO2, meaning it can be deployed to suit customer needs – and installed without wires.

Designed for DIY installation, the Arlo Security System will pull together all the threads of Arlo's products for complete home protection, rounding it out with a keypad, which is also the hub of the system.

The keypad will allow arming and disarming, but also integrates more sensors and a siren, while also supporting NFC, meaning you'll be able to arm and disarm by tapping your phone, which should make use easier.

Arlo says that the system will use ArloRF for connectivity to provide a longer range and stronger encryption, for added peace of mind.

On top of the new hardware, Arlo has also announced that it's moving to support Matter, aiming to deliver seamless compatibility between smart home products from different brands.

The Arlo Security System will be compatible with existing cameras, as well as working with Arlo Secure subscription plans.

We don't know exactly when it will be available or for how much, but we'd expect it to launch in the US first.

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